Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July

Sangria. Innertubes. Grass Island. Lee Greenwood. Koozies. Sunshine. Laughter. Camp Friends. "Fern for the Fourth" Visors. Tank tops. Tan lines. Boat rides. Dance Parties.

These are all things that, the past 4 years, I have enjoyed on the Fourth of July. Fern is such an oasis away from everyday life. Everyone who knows me (and my camp friends) knows that it is not just camp, it is an experience that shapes each and every one of us. I am Lucky to be good friends with the fabulous Smith family who are even MORE lucky to have a brand new, beautiful log home on Fern Lake. As I type, my parents are there enjoying the "Adult" version of Fern on the fourth which is sitting on the screened-in porch--Deeds with her savignon blanc (a switch from the pinot grigio of years past) and dad with a beer. Last year, we played a little Wii tennis and watching Deeds with the controller had me rolling in stitches on the floor. Avid athlete; my mother.
Then the next day we watched an Epic Wimbledon Final between Federer and Nadal. What a match!

Familiar faces at Fern for the Fourth include
Mary An and Rob--whom this year will have a BABY in tow!! Little Amelia Fern will spend her first Fourth of July at the lake and I'm sure will fall in love immediately, just like the rest of us!
The Price family--have their own lakehouse and the Price brothers have been bringing fern friends there for years. Memories of Moose echo in my head.
Walt Gaines and fam--Some of my favorite people on earth.
A whole slew of camp friends ranging in age from older than me, to the youngest campers I remember counseling when at camp. Seeing them at grass island always blows my mind!

I am sad that I won't be partaking in the Fern festivities this weekend. It's difficult to celebrate holidays on a ship when 40 different countries are represented in our crew. We do not get days off for the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Instead, we get 1 ship holiday every 6 weeks or so to commemorate all the holidays we've missed and had to work during.

There will be no fireworks. No watermelon. No sangria, and no late-night boatrides. However, I will be hanging out with a few fabulous friends and we have vowed to have a good time--despite being far away from family and friends this holiday weekend.

To those who are at Fern--or any lake for that matter--enjoying the weekend, I am jealous! But I will return soon and hope to soak up some rays on a boat, on a float or by the pool with you when I get back :)

P.S. for those lovely overachievers out there--you should have joined Gretchen at the Fourth of July Triathlon she participated in this morning! 6:30am 5K (or 10K) run, then swimming then drinking. Maybe next year, gretch!! :)

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