Friday, April 23, 2010

Checking things off the list

I officially have 3 days left of class, and 1 week of exams until I graduate. Which is a little mind boggling to say the least!
Today was a productive day despite the rain...
  • Malaria Pills {check}
  • Yellow Fever shot {check}
  • French for Idiots book {check}
Still working on the plane ticket, but hopefully that can be finalized tomorrow! Things seem to be falling in line....scary but true.

I wanted to share a pretty amazing poem written by a 12-year-old crew member of the Africa Mercy, Grace Koontz:

The sun burning my skin tomato-bright
the humidity weighing down my shoulders
the insects and rodents plentiful
the space little and tight
is worth

The community tight-knit like woven crochet
the constant comfort of people to turn to
the people met and the people to meet
the time spent with friends every day
and more

The renewed lives in the ward
the smiles caused by my love
the forgotten poor becoming known
the righteousness and hope being restored
Africa Mercy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogging is so clichéd

Everyone has a blog, right? People blog about their kids, their husbands, cooking, eating, socializing, pets, shopping, decorating....none of that sounds too interesting to me.
However, living on a boat in a room with 5 people for 3 months in a 3rd world country?...THAT sounds like something to blog about.

On May 15 I will depart DFW headed to Lomé, Togo---
I will be a volunteer for Mercy Ships, and my position is in the marketing department as a writer. I will meet many of the patients who are receiving medical treatment on the hospital ship: The Africa Mercy. I will tell their stories in articles that Mercy Ships will distribute to donors around the world.

Adventure: yes.
Am I scared? not a chance.
new friends? absolutely
Miss home? probably
will there be coffee? THANK GOD yes. Starbucks onboard.

Blog post #1: Success.