Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogging is so clichéd

Everyone has a blog, right? People blog about their kids, their husbands, cooking, eating, socializing, pets, shopping, decorating....none of that sounds too interesting to me.
However, living on a boat in a room with 5 people for 3 months in a 3rd world country?...THAT sounds like something to blog about.

On May 15 I will depart DFW headed to Lomé, Togo---
I will be a volunteer for Mercy Ships, and my position is in the marketing department as a writer. I will meet many of the patients who are receiving medical treatment on the hospital ship: The Africa Mercy. I will tell their stories in articles that Mercy Ships will distribute to donors around the world.

Adventure: yes.
Am I scared? not a chance.
new friends? absolutely
Miss home? probably
will there be coffee? THANK GOD yes. Starbucks onboard.

Blog post #1: Success.

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  1. Hi Claire--love the blog. The pictures are wonderful. What a great adventure and opportunity to work with people worldwide. Love ya, dad


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