Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy. Faces. Yes.

Yesterday I went to the Food for Life graduation in Benin....Food for Life is the Agriculture program that Mercy Ships helps facilitate. I watched 20 young men and women graduate from the program which lasted 4 months. During the ceremony there were tons of kids that were playing outside (very uninterested in the actual ceremony...) so I played with them a bit. They were, however, VERY interested in my camera. Here are a few pics I took. One or two were taken by one kid who I taught to use the camera. (hence, the un-centered-ness haha)
Happy Faces for Father's Day!!!

The girl on the right was so adorable. Hair up in a scrunchie!

Gotta get the logo in.

Bradley being cheeky.

In front of the well....I taught them a little thumbs up action.


In front of some of the crops that the students take care of...

Hands up!! dancin.

Bryce, the Director of our Swiss office, taught this kid to use his video camera. He's just getting some footage of the ceremony :)


me "Yall go stand in front of that wall"
kids "lets pick up a bunch of rocks!" okkkk, whatever you want to do!! haha

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