Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 graduations in 4 days

The weekend started off with a bang with my Neeley MBA graduation at TCU on Friday night at 6pm. Reception, then dinner, then out on the town to say goodbye to my classmates and friends whom I've come to love and adore the past 2 years.

Saturday morning came all too soon, and by 9 we were in the car headed to Tyler for graduation number 2. At 1pm we watched Gretchen walk across the stage at UTTyler, receiving her diploma for Masters in Educational Administration. After lunch, and a 30 minute power nap we were back on the road to Dallas, where we had a fabulous dinner at Nonna to celebrate GOB's accomplishments.

Sunday morning the 5am wake-up call was answered with a seriously disgruntled face. We made our 7:40am flight to Atlanta, but not without a hitch---Gretchen left her ID in Tyler. It took about 1 hour, but they finally let her through security. ATL here we come! Checked into the hotel, ate a great lunch, and then it was NAP TIME. Had to rally for the next great meal at Haven.

Monday morning we had another early wake-up call---6am to be exact. 15,000 attendees were estimated at the Emory Graduation and the Terminator (otherwise known as the Governor of California, Arnold Schwartzenegger) was the commencement speaker. Miraculously, we made it to the Graduation and even got a seat! It was cold, but the brunch at the B-School had coffee and mimosas...perfect! Then, we made it to the FINAL event---Cason's diploma ceremony.

Whew, what a weekend! Now its time to pack up my home, and move it onto Gretch's new house in Tyler. Never a dull moment.

OH, and I leave for Togo in 3 days!!!!

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